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Elegant Title

Loving Oodles TN is located in Burns, TN on 5 acres of property. We live approximately 35 minutes from downtown Nashville. As breeders, we choose which pair to breed depending on health and temperament before anything else. Our sires and dams have to pass their full panel breed specific genetic health testing before being bred. Parents are up to date on vaccines, including bordetella, lepto, & rabies. All vaccines on parents are administered by our vet. Parents are also up to date on heartwormer/flea/tick prevention. Having healthy parents is the first step to breeding healthy pups. From the time dam is bred, she is put immediately on puppy food to get the litter off to the proper nutrition. Dam and pups are watched over throughout the whole birthing process. Pups are given supplements as soon as they would like. This helps the dam with feeding while giving the pups food to help them continue growing properly. Pups are dewormed on a regular schedule and vaccinated before leaving. Pups are litter box trained and start learning the doggie door. They are well socialized and raised around children as young as 2 years old. Play time is important for pups for early socialization skills. Because of this our fur babies play areas both have electricity with heat and air conditioning. Their play areas also have doggy doors installed to continue their house training to go outside to use the bathroom. This gets them off to a proper start  for their new families. As raising new members of your household, it is just as important to us that your pup have a healthy start as it is to you. 



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